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FACT: Cleansing your skin correctly is the most important step in your skincare routine.

Clean skin creates the ideal canvas for serums and moisturisers to work effectively. Cleansing removes pollutants such as make-up, grime, dirt, pollution and sunscreen. Take the time to cleanse your skin and you will reap the rewards. We create gentle plant-based cleansers to keep your skin healthy and vibrant.

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FACT: Skin Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface.

HOW: Exfoliation can occur via chemical or manual means. Chemical exfoliation includes acids such as glycolic, lactic and salicylic just to name a few. Manual exfoliation includes scrubs, body mitts and facial cleansing brushes.

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Balance and Tone

FACT: Skin toners are a tonic solution created to use after cleansing to balance the skin prior to applying your serum or moisturizer. Some toners focus on hydration others may focus on balancing oily or congested skin.

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Serums are light oil or water-based liquids that are highly concentrated formulations designed to penetrate quickly and effortlessly into the skin. Serums are more lightweight than moisturiser and designed to be loaded with actives to target and support specific challenges within the skin. Serums are what we use to address specific skin challenges such as acne, excessive oiliness or dehydration, sun damage, pollution damage, increased pigmentation, sensitivities and the increased signs of ageing (yes we all age and that is absolutely normal and not to be feared) such as lack of skin tone, collagen and elastin depletion.

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Face oils are an ancient remedy when it comes to ultimate skin health. Not all oils are created equal, and every oil has its own unique set of qualities.

Pure botanical plant oils reign supreme and they can be infused with other key ingredients to give your skin the WOW factor.

Face oils will change your skincare routine for the better.

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The skin barrier is the first line of defence between you and your environment. It is also the last line of defence for keeping your body hydrated by slowing down water evaporation or transepidermal water loss.

Moisturizers work in one of two main ways: they either trap moisture in your skin
to keep it from escaping, or they restore moisture in the outer layer of skin that's already been lost. Choose a moisturizer that suits your needs based on feel, texture, aroma, and ingredients.

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FACT: The first Egyptian face masks were formulated out of clay. It is said that Cleopatra (the paragon of beauty) applied a dead sea mud face mask to draw out impurities. 

Today face masks may be a concentrated blend of clay, glycolic, enzymes, hyaluronic acid, vitamins…the list is endless. Masks offer great options for all skin types and can provide a quick boost just when you need it.

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They say the eyes are the windows to our soul. Eye products are formulated specifically for the delicate eye area. Lines around the eyes represent all the smiling we have done, so keep smiling and embrace your inner happiness.

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FACT: The average adult has about 2 square meters of skin.

The body requires just as much attention as our face, however, we often overlook it. Daily cleansing with a plant-based cleanser to maintain the skin's natural microbiome is essential. Body moisturisers and serums hydrate and can provide extra benefits when infused with antioxidants. Body wellness products take care of specific needs.


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FACT: The average person has between 100,000-150,000 strands of hair.

Our CLEAN skincare philosophy flows through to our haircare. Designed to deliver products that cleanse, hydrate and repair. High tech and natural ingredients from around the globe to achieve hair health. Remember shampoo the scalp and condition the hair.

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