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Our Packaging

It's not just what on the inside that counts

Responsible Packaging

Packaging options are complicated, and we are governed by what is available, the purchase volume, the price, and the weight. It is never as simple as this packaging is the most sustainable. It often depends on the purpose of the packaging, what is legally allowed, how it is manufactured, and the quantities required. In theory plastic packaging has the capability to be a cradle-to-cradle product (a product that can be recycled or reused with no loss of quality) This is the way we currently think of glass. The obstacles that prevent this happening with all plastics is political will and consumer apathy (we simply do not dispose of the plastic packaging correctly, we put it in the wrong bin or do not dispose of it all). We have chosen our packaging based on many factors. We have a mixture of plastic and glass packaging chosen for how they maintain the integrity of the ingredients and product inside. In choosing to package it is also important to look at the weight as this effects the carbon footprint when in transit. We will always be open and transparent as to what type of packaging we use, how it can be recycled and where to dispose of it so that it can continue to have a second life and stay within a closed loop system causing no harm to the environment. We must all take responsibility for how we dispose of packaging. Behind the scenes we are actively lobbying local and national governments to change the laws regarding plastics and how in the future we can have a complete circular, cradle to cradle process for all plastic across the planet.


No excess waste. No excess Packaging.

Responsible Manufacturing

Having developed relationships with small batch manufacturers around the globe, our aim is to bring skincare steeped in innovative ingredients that bring health and vitality into your skin on a daily basis. Working closely with chemists and formulators to curate a range that offers many options for many different skin conditions. Over 30 years we have met and worked with incredibly innovative formulators and manufacturers we have chosen to work with them staying true to what we believe. Nature is best, science can harness natures incredible bounty of truly inspiring ingredients to deliver fabulous results for your skin. This gives us flexibility in being able to bring new products to market quickly as well as working with small batch manufacturers who have a similar ethos to us when it comes to environmental issues and reducing the carbon footprint in manufacturing products. 

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