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Our Definitions

Translating the language of beauty

Why we have this page

There are very few clear definitions in the world of beauty. It has been a major challenge for the industry for many years. 35 years ago the word NATURAL was all the rage but in essence meant nothing as there was no one definition. The practice of GREEWASHING came into play in the mid 80’s and has wrecked havoc in the beauty industry. Marketing campaigns have seen greenwashing as a tool to generate sales and mislead consumers into believing they are doing wonders for their skin and the planet. We have looked at the key words we use and have put together our list of definitions to help with clarity and transparency for iF beauty.


FACT: Beauty of course, is subjective and what is and is not considered "beautiful" changes with the culture.

BEAUTY in the Ipso Facto world is about our own individuality as well as celebrating the individuality of others. We walk to the beat of our own drum, embracing all shapes, colours, age and form. We all have a right to be seen for our own individual brilliance. We redefine the word beauty.


FACT: This term just refers to a substance related to plants.

When writing about our range we acknowledge botanical is a specific term and we only use it when it's accurate!


FACT: This is an unregulated term that has been used by the beauty and other industries in broad terms to represent products made WITHOUT ingredients shown or suspected to harm human health (for example skin irritations, potential cancer causing ingredients or hormone disruptors in the case of synthetic perfumes). 

IPSO FACTO is CLEAN BEAUTY. All products are formulated with ingredients that are safe for our body as well as the environment. For this reason we list all our ingredients.


FACT: We have ensured that no product or ingredient was tested on animals.

We do not want to participate in the industry practice of using animals, because in addition to harming the individual being, it also encourages the captive breeding and selling of animals for this purpose.


FACT: The oxford definition of diversity is: “the practice of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds, of different genders, sexual orientations, class and disability."

At Ipso Facto we also refer to diversity in the products we create (we have a diverse range) and who can use them.


FACT: This can refer to the policy of not excluding members or participants on the grounds of gender, race, class, sexuality, ability, basically, to accommodate for difference.

Our aim at iF is to always create skincare that can be used by everyone regardless of gender, race, class, sexuality, and ability. Our focus is always on easing ongoing skin conditions as well as flare ups. We ensure each product can support varying skin types, allowing everyone access to skin health.

With this in mind it's important to state that there are individual products that should be selected with care. Active Elements that help some can cause discomfort in others they do not suit the skins individual needs.

We have created a WIDE range of products to allow for the diversity in skin types and conditions present in our global communities.


FACT: In order to be classed as an organic ingredient in the iF Range, that ingredient must come from a certified source. Depending on the country which the ingredient has been sourced from, the certifier will differ.

We have ORGANIC certified ingredients within the iF range, however entire products aren't certified organic at this time. We clearly label what is and isn't certified so that YOU can make the choices that best align with your values.

NOTE: Just because an ingredient or product is organic does not mean it is the best product for your skin. There are many man made skin care ingredients that are more sustainable for the planet and better for your skin. The truth is that these answers are NEVER black and white. Sometimes a natural/botanical/organic ingredient is better for your skin and sometimes synthetic is. For example synthetic retinol is often better for your skin (often more stable and less irritating) and is NOT derived from animals.


FACT: Skin is our first line of defence. It protects the internal organs from injury, it helps regulate body temperature and excess fluid loss.

Skin provides a physical and chemical barrier to the outside environment. The “barrier function” of skin is critical to protect underlying tissues from pathogens. Structurally skin is comprised of two main layers. The EPIDERMIS is the upper layer and is responsible for many of the barrier functions of the skin. The DERMIS is the structural and nutritive support network underneath the epidermis. As each of these layers have their own unique structure and function the nutritive requirements must be considered separately. 

SKIN HEALTH is optimal when it has the ability to respond to challenges that would otherwise undermine its structure and function. 


FACT: Transparency refers to being able to see without obfuscation. To us at iF this means real honesty.

We take care in being open and without "secrets" when you look at the iF range. We provide full disclosure on ingredients as well as how each product functions and benefits the skin.


FACT: Wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes, so that instead of JUST surviving, you're thriving. 

At IPSO FACTO we focus on skin and body wellness through products that support the skin to thrive.

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