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Behind the Brand

Our Story



Vanessa and George Jilly founded IF Beauty after over 30 years in the professional beauty industry. Over those years they have developed professional skincare brands globally from a product perspective, as well as developing treatment protocols for some of the best-known Spas in the world.

They have been working successfully as a team over those 30 years with George developing the products while Vanessa focused on the education and development of treatment protocols to solve specific skin issues. Our mission at IF Beauty is to bring clarity to the industry amid all the current confusion and misinformation, and give you great skincare that the planet also loves.

empowering you

"It's not about us, it's about the products. How they are created; what they do for you and what effect they have on the planet."

Vanessa’s mantra has always been that she doesn’t sell, she educates her customers so they have the knowledge to make the right choices for their own needs.

It is this mantra that has become the mantra for IF Beauty. To bring the same level of education and choice that she took to all the global spas directly to consumers. In this way they can provide real solutions to customers’ needs.

beauty + diversity

We disrupt the definition of beauty.

Diversity in all its forms is what creates the brilliance and colour in our world. Beauty in the Ipso Facto world is about our own individuality as well as celebrating the differences of others.

At iF we walk to the beat of our own drum, embracing all shapes, colours, age and form. All people have a right to be seen for their individual brilliance.

science + actives + nature

Nature provides the ultimate apothecary of ingredients.

Every botanical ingredient holds a powerhouse of individual natural chemicals that can support skin. We have chosen a variety of active ingredients.

Humanity realised the importance of plants long ago, but today we have the ability to understand the whys and hows of their medicinal benefits. Contemporary science and research provides the clinical results needed to build trust in assembling a range of products that will have real benefits.

cruelty free + transparent

Ipso Facto is a cruelty free brand. We do NOT test on animals and do NOT ask others to test on our behalf.

No animal should ever be tested on in the name of beauty. We are committed to caring for animals and know that intrinsically we are all connected. Caring for our planet is part of the bigger picture for all life.

We are transparent in our information. Being transparent is part of our truth-telling. We clearly state on our packaging & website what benefits our products have, and what should be considered when using them. We also define our terminology to help you make the best decisions when looking for products that are right for you.

giving back + people + planet

Supporting organisations that support people and the planet is part of the iPSO FACTO ethos.

We have partnered with i=Change to provide flexibility and transparency to where we give back, and hand over that power to you on every purchase. Our focus is on empowering humans and supporting the environment within Australia.

health + wellness

Wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes. Instead of just surviving, you're thriving. Skin health is at the heart of what we do. We all feel our best when we are in a state of health. We choose ingredients and products to support that skin health.

We want everyone’s skin to thrive.

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